Access Control

Magnetic locks are a security measure that does more than just control access to property and assets. Access control products allow the customer to utilize software to control each magnetically locked door, attendance, and employee profiles. It also provides a secure way to protect a company’s most valuable asset, it’s people.

Access control has many benefits, including:

  • Security of employee
  • Protact valuables
  • Compliance with privacy laws
  • Low maintainace
  • Multi-location access
  • User friendly
  • Contol during employee turnover and special access for visitors
  • Utilize swipe cards, PIN numbers, and other tools for access
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Video Security

The use of cameras in commercial applications can benefit a company beyond basic security. Being able to see your assets in real-time and recording continually to review events provide another measure of security.

  • Video Security to watch assets, yard locations, offices, shops, and buildings
  • Cameras that record 24/7 for full review
  • Remote access to see events in real-time from anywhere you may be
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Helps decrease employee theft
  • Captures any theft that may occur for authorities
  • Aids in ensuring any claims made against a company or its employees are acurate
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Cell Boosters

Affordable Security Systems is an authorized Wilson Electronics dealer. Wilson is the industry leader in their field. High quality cell booster come in handy in the Permian Basin. Often, remote locations mean employees have a challenging time getting a cellular signal. The ability to communicate with other employees, supervisors, or specialty personnel is vital. Cell booster from Wilson Electronics ensure that communication is possible no matter how remote the location.

  • Works on all carriers
  • Works with 3G, 4G, and LTE signals
  • Professional grade products
  • Better voice calls, texts, and data service
  • Extends the cellular range
  • FCC certified equipment
  • Fewer lost connection and better audio quality
  • Additional talk time in weak-signal areas
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Data & IT Services

In today’s world technology is vital. A network infrastructure to run your business must be top quality and done right. We specialize in the building out of infrastructure based on your needs. We provide quality workmanship so you know your business can run smoothly from the technology foundation up.

  • Structured cabling for networking
  • Network components
  • Network infrastructure build-outs
  • Site specific networking
  • Fiber cabling and terminations
  • Point-to-point network access
  • Multi-building connections

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